Member Engagement Marketing

Private Label Travel Clubs for Member Engagement Marketing

The ability to attract, acquire, engage and retain customers is key to any business, but especially those with a subscription-based business model. Subscription businesses may include co-brand credit cards, retail member clubs, timeshare destination clubs and other membership-based organizations such as employee groups and credit unions. Subscription business models require member engagement strategies that can help build, nurture and maintain customer relationships while increasing revenue and maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV).  

How can subscription-based companies increase member engagement by focusing more on the B2C, customer-centric, loyalty side of their business – without all the costs and complications of yet another backend technology project? They can start with a travel club offering that is completely supported, maintained and fulfilled by Custom Travel Solutions, branded to their company and added on top of their existing websites and member programs.  

Travel Clubs and Software as a Service 

It takes a lot of focused dedication and great salespeople to run a sustainable and profitable subscription business, but it also takes various software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms to handle CRM, loyalty, inbound marketing, and sales and club services, in addition to membership management software such as Wild Apricot by Personify. 

But what about the end user? They probably don’t know who or what Wild Apricot is – but they will judge your subscription service in comparison with Netflix or Spotify. What do they get on those services? Great user experience, regular content updates, convenient/exclusive access to content, and above all, personalized content that matches their interests. How does your subscription service measure up to those standards?  

Becoming a subscription service on the scale and complexity of Netflix or Spotify overnight is an unrealistic expectation. But customers do expect the same focused dedication to value, quality of service, exclusivity and ongoing member engagement. Offering a subscription travel club is one way to demonstrate this dedication to your existing and potential customers.  

Travel Clubs for Your Customers and Members 

Member engagement marketing is ultimately about turning customers into members, and members into brand and service advocates. To do this, subscription business have to understand their members and what they get out of the service. Are they Utilizers? Climbers? Regular participants? Maybe even Leaders (i.e., loyalty members and brand advocates)?  

Whoever your subscribers are, it’s highly likely that they currently travel or aspire to (or do so more) in the future. Travel clubs are an add-on to existing subscription programs such as co-brand cards or employee groups. By providing a private portal booking engine with access to the same inventory as Priceline or Expedia, exclusive discounts on lifestyle benefits, 24/7 concierge service and social planning tools for group trips, our private label travel clubs are a member engagement platform “in a box” or “as a service.” Enjoy another blog on building member engagement with a travel club.