Marketing your travel clubs

Move beyond Social Media: Market your Travel Club with these 6 Alternatives

These days, almost every major brand is on social media, which has made these platforms quite noisy. While digital marketing is still considered as one of the most effective ways to reach out to a wider range of audience in less time, marketers are looking for its alternatives as well. If you want your travel club to stay a few steps ahead of its competitors, then you need to move beyond social media. Simply read this informative post and learn about six effective alternatives to social media marketing.

Referral programs

Even in the present digital age, referral programs are considered as one of the best ways to market a product or service. According to a report, around 65% of the new businesses come from referrals (source).

Provide various offers to the existing members of your clubs and encourage them to refer the travel club membership to their friends and family. In this way, they would be able to earn credit scores, access premium services, and so on while you can get more members for your travel club.

Create informative content

If you wish to be taken seriously by your audience, then you need to develop a niche. This can be done by working on freely available resources that can help your audience in different ways. From complimentary ebooks to white papers, you can generate all kinds of interesting content while keeping the requirements of your readers in mind.

Focus on travel-oriented content and market your travel benefit programs in a subtle manner. In this way, you would be able to help your readers with your informative content while marketing your travel club.

Organize and attend meetings

Go old school and meet other like-minded people in different travel gatherings. Keep your business card handy and get in touch with others in a personal manner. This will let you know your leads in a better way without much trouble.

Besides attending different meetings, you can organize them as well. There are various online as well as offline channels that can help you organize a travel meetup for the locals. This would be a great opportunity for you to market your travel club benefits program.

Sponsor an event

If your locality is hosting a major event related to traveling, then you can also sponsor it as well. Beforehand, you should do some research regarding the expected footfall, reach, target audience, and more. Events can be a great opportunity for B2B firms to attain more leads. For instance, around 83% of B2B marketers already invest in events in one way or another (source).

If your budget allows, then you can be one of the major sponsors of the event and get your name out there. This will certainly be a crucial step for your travel club membership program.

Print media (and freebies)

If your target audience is senior citizens, then you should certainly focus on print media than digital marketing. From newspaper ads to posters and flyers to banners, the sky is the limit when it comes to this age-old channel of marketing. Make sure that your content is visually appealing and eye-catching to get a better ROI.

Additionally, you can also give freebies like t-shirts, pens, stickers, etc. In this way, you can come out as one of the best travel clubs by making others your brand ambassadors.

Loyalty programs

The current subscription economy is largely influenced by loyalty programs. By offering your customers various added services, you would certainly be able to achieve customer satisfaction. It can also help you retain existing members as well.

Most of the travel loyalty programs have the kind of tempting deals that no one can resist. If you also run a travel club, then you should definitely maintain a dedicated loyalty and reward-points scheme.

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