Travel Clubs for Sport Tourists

The Benefits of Travel Clubs for Sport Tourists

The sport tourism industry serves a growing segment of consumers who travel for competitive sporting events (NASCAR, FIFA World Cup, NFL) and other sport-related attractions such as hall-of-fame museums, as well as for active sport tourism such as hiking, skiing and canoeing. These are no longer just once-in-a-lifetime trips but part of the ordinary lifestyle of the connected traveler, who might book a flight during a business trip and then take a day off to catch a game or hit the slopes.

Travel Clubs for a Better Sport Tourism Experience

More families are also traveling to multi-sport complexes for tournaments in locations such as Myrtle Beach, SC, or to nurture the careers of their young athletes with the best coaching and competition the country has to offer. Tourism boards have seen the opportunity to revitalize their main attractions with these sport complexes, and youth sport tourism is now a $9 billion industry and growing by 20% annually.

For major brands, it is becoming more important to marry a local attraction to an event such as the Super Bowl or World Cup. While the immediate reason for travel may be the event itself, the economic and brand impact goes well beyond the event (just consider how much brands are willing to pay to sponsor a tournament or stadium).

What unites all sport tourists is the need to plan ahead so they can maximize every dollar they spend on each trip – which can be frequent. But sport tourism is inherently experiential, and sport tourists want the most out of those experiences, whether they are a family traveling for youth sports or a Millennial with a ‘bucket list’ that includes visiting every stadium in the country. Travel clubs provide access to everything they might need on their travels whether their priorities are to save money or splurge on a few trips – for example, going to the spa because they got a good deal through the travel club.

Added Value and Loyalty Through Travel Clubs

These sorts of elite travel and lifestyle benefits, made available through a private label travel club, are the perfect value-adds for any sport tourism brand or loyalty program. Even brands and organizations that have nothing to do with sport tourism will have many sport tourists among their customers and members. Why not offer those customers a subscription travel club where they can do all their booking through a private booking engine, with exclusive access to discounts and benefits for a whole range of travel products and services?

Wherever travel club members go, they can rest assured that they have 24/7 concierge support available or access to medical care anywhere in the world. Part of being a sport tourist is feeling safe and having the necessary support and amenities in unfamiliar cities and countries. Travel club members have an indispensable network of support through the club, and the subscription only costs them roughly the price of Netflix or Spotify. And because the club is branded to an organization they trust, and can even be tied in to their loyalty program membership, their brand affinity ultimately turns into brand equity for that organization.

Contact Custom Travel Solutions today to learn how a branded travel club can help sport tourism companies attract and retain more customers and drive more revenue and loyalty. And here is another blog on how travel and lifestyle benefits resonate with today’s consumers.