Travel clubs to add new value to timeshare ownership

3 Reasons Why Timeshare Companies and Owners Love Travel Clubs

If you’re part of a timeshare company, you know the hard work it takes to run a timeshare successfully. It may be paradise on the actual property, but behind the scenes you’re forever hustling to keep sales high, minimize default rates, and (in your spare time) scouting and acquiring luxury real estate.

If that sounds like you, keep reading…

Not only are timeshare companies selling the dream of luxury vacation properties, they also often encounter clients’ expectations for food and beverage, tours, amenities and other traditionally hotel-like operations. With so much going on, how can timeshare companies expand benefits and services to meet new expectations for today’s digitally connected and experiential traveler?


Here are 3 ways travel clubs can add new value to timeshare ownership and keep owners happy, loyal and spending more.

  1. Create a one-stop shop for travel booking

Travelers are accustomed to online travel agencies where they can book their entire trip – flight, hotel, car rental, activities – all at once. More airlines and hotels are re-investing in their websites and booking engines. They understand that whoever controls the booking gets first pass at offering ancillary merchandise from other suppliers. By offering a subscription travel club, timeshare companies can become a one-stop shop for their owners’ travel needs, make it affordable to access elite travel and lifestyle benefits, and give them something they can’t get anywhere else – a major attraction for potential timeshare owners.

  1. Keep owners engaged for year-round loyalty

With a subscription travel club offered through the timeshare, owners will return to the timeshare website to plan trips throughout the year with exclusive discounts and perks. The original frequent-flyer program concept in the airline industry later helped retailers pioneer a broader loyalty program concept. Today, customers enrolled in a loyalty program represent 8% of website traffic but 41% of a company’s total revenue – proving that the loyalty concept works. Like frequent flyer programs, the travel club concept is an idea that works because nearly everyone aspires to travel – they want to see, learn, taste, enjoy and experience.

  1. More benefits, no overhead

By working with a partner that specializes in creating travel clubs – with established travel inventory supplier networks and a customizable UI platform – timeshare organizations can quickly and easily introduce the concept to their members or customers, immediately granting them access to comprehensive travel and lifestyle benefits. Legitimate travel clubs are a proven concept that works, but building one from the ground up isn’t practical for many timeshares. New software-as-a-service is making it easy to add a travel club on top of core products and services through a customizable online platform.

In most cases, timeshare companies develop an interest in travel clubs because they want to bring in more revenue from membership fees. This is a strong motivation, but it’s also important to consider brand affinity – the travel club needs to adhere to brand standards and deliver real value to members, who have many options when it comes to trip planning. Travel clubs are meant to be unique, exclusive and beneficial; this is how they improve loyalty and differentiate the timeshare in the eyes of existing and potential timeshare owners.

Custom Travel Solutions provides timeshare companies with a travel and lifestyle benefits platform that supercharges their vacation club ancillary offering.  With a broad range of relevant, exclusive benefits that deliver real value to the end user, as well as a customizable, branded platform that encourages engagement and fosters loyalty year-round, Custom Travel Solutions’ travel club/benefit program is the perfect complement to any timeshare company’s core product.  As such, the Custom Travel Solutions platform helps timeshare operators improve their selling proposition and ultimately drive revenue.

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