Relevant API's for your business

How to Ensure Travel APIs Drive Everlasting Organizational Value

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that are used to access certain applications. Therefore, a travel API features various kinds of travel deals, details, and services that can be accessed by third-party vendors. These are embedded in different travel club platforms to provide all kinds of value-added services to its members. It is important to feature the right kind of travel APIs that can drive the overall organizational value of your travel club.

This post is a source to help you know more about travel APIs and what to consider before integrating an API with your platform.

What are the different kinds of travel APIs?

To understand how your travel club can benefit from a travel API, it is important to learn the basics. Ideally, travel loyalty programs feature the following types of APIs:

  • Hotels: These are one of the most popular kinds of travel APIs. Besides providing a seamless way to book hotels, travel club members can also access numerous deals. Dedicated discounts, exclusive offers, and access to past reviews are also provided.
  • Flights: By including these travel APIs, you can give your travel club members access to exclusive promotional rates, low fares, and personalized assistance. Also, members can compare different flights on the basis of various parameters.
  • Car rentals: The total revenue of the auto rental industry is more than $120 billion and is only going to increase in the future. A car rental API can help your travel club members book cars of their choice before traveling at an affordable rate.
  • Activities: This includes a listing of various activities that travelers can book before or during the trip to have a local experience of their destination.

Select relevant APIs

Travel APIs can help you reach a wider audience, though you need to select the right kind of services that an API offers. Ideally, this would depend on your target audience and the existing features of your travel club. For instance, if you want to target Millennials, then consider integrating an activity-based API. It has been observed that Millennials book activities before their trips and tend to have a more active approach to travel.

Understand the design of the API

Besides learning how a travel API works, you should go the extra mile and get to know about its overall design. Too many times, the design of the API is quite different from the rest of the platform. This gives away the authenticity of the travel club and members can easily see the involvement of a third-party API. If you want to integrate an API for the long run, then don’t make this rookie mistake.

Don’t lose your brand identity

When integrating an API, travel clubs sometimes tend to lose their own brand identity. Therefore, you should partner with the kind of travel club fulfillment company that can help you access its API features without losing the core essence of your organization. Focus on user experience while integrating the API and ask for feedback from your members before implementing anything.

In today’s subscription economy, adding a travel API to your platform can certainly be a thoughtful move. Though, you should only go with a reputed travel solution provider for a seamless integration of an API. Customer Travel Solutions, with a reputed presence of more than 100 years in the industry, is dedicated for integrating customized and engaging APIs with your travel club.