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Do travel club improve customer loyalty for retail businesses?

What Is Customer Loyalty?

Customer Loyalty programs are strategic plan to attain customer loyalty, which means liking of some particular brand makes customer to repetitively using that brand. In textbook definition, customer loyalty is when company retains it customer by giving them value of experience and satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty will help your retail business to grow by boosting both revenue and profitability, given the fact that repeat consumers are likely to spend 60% more per transaction than the new ones. Obviously, this is easier said than done.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

Why Customer Loyalty is important for your Retail Brand?

Trust matters more than ever in this digital era. The prevailing customer sentiment seems to be constantly shifting due to lack of good service, features, and options. Customers prefer a loyalty program as a one-stop shop to look for purpose-driven experiences. Millennials especially are gravitating towards the loyalty programs or travel clubs. The ability of a travel club to cater to different age groups, mindsets, geographies and retail behaviors is what contributes to their growing popularity among travelers.


Customer Loyalty helps in Meeting your Customers’ Expectations

So yes, a travel club can drastically improve loyalty for retail businesses by keeping your customers happy and raving about your services. Trust is earned by consistently offering the best services. That’s is why customer service is the ‘it’ thing on most retailers’ radar. A travel club understands the importance of offering assistance every step of the process – starting from decision making until the booking. Services like visa assistance, free lounge access, Wi-Fi connectivity, easy refunds or returns, price comparison etc. are enough to create a ‘wow’ factor for customers. All these features are offered by travel club to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Experience is the New Currency

Customers these days value enriching experiences. You can say that the ‘experience’ is the new currency in the travel industry. Loyalty programs are designed with this in mind, and built to offer customers exactly what they want. Travelers who are coming to your website are looking for specific experiences. By leveraging the power of customization, travel clubs help in connecting more powerfully with the customers. By analyzing their buying behavior, traffic patterns etc. you can reach out to your customer with special offers to entice them. Travel clubs offer automation tools and the latest innovations in technology to bolster these customer relationships. These services keep your brand at the top of their inboxes as well as at the top of their minds.

Rewards attracts customers and customer loyalty

Customers love loyalty programs for the tangible rewards that come with them. By combining the loyalty programs offered by travel clubs with social media interaction, direct messaging and personalization to offer unique deals, you can add a sense of value to your customer. It may come as a surprise to see how customers are drawn into loyalty programs where they are treated as unique individuals. The customers these days are enticed by travel clubs and membership driven programs for the sole reason that they get recognition as ‘members’, not a batch-and-blast-group. The customers appreciate knowing that their preferences are kept in mind while offering them the customized packages. They love to be treated like a VIP with add-ons and perks that add more value to their experience. Who doesn’t love to indulge in a little luxury? The travel and lifestyle perks, discounts on dining, entertainment, luxury goods and uninterrupted travel assistance will eliminate any second choices from their minds. Whether your business is big or small, the exclusive features and benefits of travel club will help strengthen customer loyalty for your retail business.

Customer Loyalty leads to Convenience and Service

Convenience and exceptional customer service are of utmost importance to the travelers these days. They don’t settle for a poor substitute. Navigating through different social media channels or an unwieldy website can easily put them off. The solution is to offer them a simplified dashboard, relevant content, and assistance at every point in their shopping journey. Travel clubs make efficient use of technology to keep communication easy and effective. Establishing an effective one-to-one relationship through omnichannel marketing, travel clubs ensure that the customers don’t have to go anywhere else. The results are increased retention rates and happy customers who keep coming back for more.