Employee engagement strategy for travel club

Travel club as an employee engagement strategy

Recent studies have confirmed that engaged employees create a better customer experience, strengthen their brand and are more productive. The study also revealed that companies with higher employee engagement levels have an edge over those in the industry with lower engagement levels and have 3.9 times more earnings per share than the latter.

Your employees are your best advocates. Consider them as your spokespersons. If your company has 2000 employees, all of them can be the social networkers. So it makes sense to involve your employees in your brand. The travel clubs can offer an immersive experience to your company, customers, and employees, altogether. Your travel brand can profit from the travel club framework to create an additional level of employee-employer engagement. In order to achieve this, you need to turn your employees into ambassadors by incorporating these top practices –

Profit sharing

What is more motivating than giving cash? Offering your employees a share of your company’s profits. This is one of the best practices to motivate your employees to the bottom line. By letting your employees have a little skin in the game is a big win-win. If they will earn more, your company will do as well at the same time. For small travel brands, you can come up with a well-designed profit sharing plan in the form of incentives that can be given annually or quarterly. You can give a percentage of total profit of your company based on their position, tenure and overall contribution to the company.

Engage employees like consumers

Each time your company launches a new initiative or campaign, make it an immersive experience for your employees. Travel club helps to engage them with a ‘wow’ moment just like the consumers to surprise, delight and educate. Your employees will the first ones to get asked by the customers so travel club will offer them with necessary on-site training about the new tools, ways to pitch new campaigns and offer assistance to customers during booking.

Feed them with meaningful perks

When it comes to attracting young people and employees, ping pong tables, nap pods, friendly work environment gets all the attention but there is something else that will actually help your employees fulfill their potential. Take, for instance, Google’s offering of work-remote options to help encourage their employees in pursuing their passions. Small insights into their hobbies or interests can be helpful. Are they into mountain biking? Do they love beaches? You can offer them a personalized vacation plan coupled with their favorite activity as a part of the incentive scheme for their exceptional work. You can simply make use of travel clubs’ personalized vacation feature to pass on the perks.

Empower employees

Employees should be empowered to improve their workflow and help customers better. In addition to general awareness of the brand values, they must be engaged inside out to help understand customers better and fix their problems proactively. The formal training and interactive sessions are helpful to make them understand company’s campaign and promote them well. Just by inculcating the willingness to fix customer’s problem will yield you a happy customer as well as a happy employee.

Align recognition programs with core values

The best way to ensure that your employees connect with your brand vision is to celebrate them. When your employees love their work and embody your brand’s purpose, then peer-to-peer recognition helps to strengthen the core values. Celebrate your employees and they will exemplify themselves as your brand’s representatives. You can do so by creating a brand day or brand event in collaboration with the travel club to solicit their feedback. Give special recognition to employees who deliver exceptional work, engage with employees who live the brand through brand ambassador awards and more.

Creative time off

Work-life balance is essential to creating a more productive workforce. Startups at Silicon Valley offer unlimited vacations to their employees to get them out of the office. While this may not particularly be helpful to your business, you can use some other creative ideas such as mandating a fixed number of vacations throughout the year for every employee to avoid burnout. Give creative time off to your employees on their birthdays, anniversaries or other important events. By turning a small cost into something immensely valued by your employees, you are making a smart choice to improve employee engagement.

When you nurture your biggest assets – the employees, you actually strengthen your brand inside your own walls. The results are obvious – higher productivity, better retention rates, and happy customers. The tailor-made offerings and curated features of travel club will create a compelling difference in your organization and you can watch it grow.