Travel clubs for family trips

How Travel Clubs Can Help Families Plan a Budget Trip

Travel clubs have certainly come a long way in the last few years. Since they provide exclusive services to their customers, it helps them plan an affordable vacation in less time. Even though millennials and corporate travelers are considered vital audiences for travel clubs, one should not overlook families and senior citizens as well. If you manage a travel club, then you should certainly cater your services while keeping families in mind. By focusing on these parameters, your travel club membership program can help them plan their vacation on a budget.

Families are already looking for membership loyalty programs

This might surprise you, but most of the individuals out there who like to travel are already looking for travel club solutions. For instance, around one-third of American families are planning to take a vacation this year (source). This makes it a vital market that should not be overlooked.

Exclusive hotel deals

Most of the people look for deals and offers online while booking their accommodation. This is exactly where travel club solutions can help their customers. Lots of travel clubs provide exclusive hotel discounts. In this way, families can make their bookings at a cheaper price.

 Vacation rentals and homestays at an affordable rate

According to a report, around 25% of leisure travelers would like to stay at a vacation rental rather than a hotel (source). Families also like to rent a homestay instead as it provides a more cozy and homely feel. If your travel club platform is already associated with vacation rentals, then it can be a win-win situation for everyone.

Planning international vacations in a hassle-free way

When it comes to planning an international vacation with the entire family, it might consume a lot of effort and time. From updating everyone’s passports to taking care of visas – it is certainly a troublesome process. Thankfully, travel clubs provide plenty of benefits to solve this issue. They make the entire process a hassle-free experience for its members.

Additionally, some travel clubs also have a feature of virtual currency. This helps its members to travel globally without taking any unwanted stress regarding currency exchange and international credit cards. Since time is money, everyone appreciates these benefits offered by a travel club platform.

Providing benefits beyond travel

While most of the families join travel clubs to save big while planning their vacations, it also helps them in plenty of other ways as well. If your travel club is already associated with various luxury brands, then you can provide exclusive discounts on several products and services to your members. In this way, your members can save all year long, even when they are not traveling.

Several complimentary services

While traveling with family, people like to access plenty of additional services. Sadly, most of these add-ons come with a price tag. If your travel club provides complimentary services like free airport lounge access, baggage rebate, medical facilities, personal assistance, etc. then it can definitely expand its target audience. After all, who doesn’t like to access these amazing services free of cost?

Giving a boost to multi-generation vacations

Multi-generation travel is a booming trend that should certainly be utilized by travel clubs. It has been observed that multi-generation trips account for an estimated 40% of all leisure vacations (source). Therefore, you should run travel membership programs targeting grandparents and parents. By accessing all the amazing benefits that your travel club offers, they would be able to take more trips without causing a dent in their pocket.

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