travel club experience to its members

How Travel Clubs Can Sell an Experience to their Members

Travel is one of the most valuable and unforgettable experiences in the world. After all, how many of you remember the time spent while working in an office cubicle. Though, you would always remember the details of a family trip or a solo expedition. This is one of the many reasons why travelers are willing to walk an extra mile to gain unforgettable experiences. As a travel club, you can meet their demands and make their vacation a memorable one. These suggestions will help you convert traveling into a memorable experience for your members.

Always provide personalized services

To start with, you should think from the perspective of your club members. Instead of buying any standard travel package, they have taken a travel club membership. They expect to get a tailor-made experience by planning their vacation as per their needs. Therefore, you should not give them a chance to regret by providing customized and easy to use services.

According to Google, 69% of travelers are loyal to a travel company because it lets them personalize their vacation (source). If you wish to sell an experience to your members, then you should have flexible policies. Also, allow them to plan their travel as per their needs without any hassle.

Handling their flights and lodging

This is the most important aspect of planning a vacation. In order to get more leads for your travel club platform, you should provide features like members-only hotel rates, seat alerts, complimentary insurance, baggage rebate, best price promise, etc. To help them take connecting flights at ease, you can also provide free airport lounge access.

Also, you should have an extensive range of vacation rental listings. It might surprise you, but staycations make around 43% of the total trips taken by Millennials (source). Vacation rental deals can also help you acquire leads related to multigenerational travel as well.

Providing more than just basic solutions

A lot of travel club platforms believe that by providing basic features related to flights and hotel concession, they would be able to win over their members. Needless to say, it is a common misconception. Most of the best travel clubs provide features like fast documentation (visa and passport), travel marketplace, medical services, and so on.

All these travel club benefits are important to create an unforgettable experience for your members. It will let them save their time and efforts during a vacation so that they can focus on what matters the most.

Focus on activities and local connections

One of the most evident parts of having a memorable vacation is exploring the destination like a local. To provide the same benefit to your travel club members, you can help them connect with the locals. Additionally, provide a wide range of activities that they can buy.

Activities form the third most important part of the travel industry and are expected to generate the total revenue of $174 billion by 2020 (source). It is also one of those sectors that haven’t been utilized by travel clubs yet.

Personal assistance

Most importantly, make sure that you provide a 24/7 support of a personal assistant to your members. This will help them resolve any query on the go. Even during their vacation, they can get in touch with a personal assistant and make the most of their vacation. Almost every travel club membership comes with this benefit and you should certainly utilize it to enhance the overall customer experience. It will also lead to the long-term satisfaction and customer retention.

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