Travel club as a Membership engagement strategy

Travel Clubs as a Member Engagement Strategy

Engaged customers fall into four categories – the buyers, the advocates, active engagers and loyal followers. Leveraging the myriad channels of communication and contact points is essential to help your travel business stand out and bring in more revenue.

Here are top membership engagement strategies that your travel business can use to engage the audience of all sizes: 

Engaging members through the digital channel

Building your online presence is a huge part of the engagement equation in today’s market. Especially for millennials, your website is still your primary identity. With every member visit to your website, ensure that you are offering tangible value to them. This can be done by providing unique logins to your members on the website. Also, run promotional offers, contests or updates on the social media channels to keep your members coming for more.  

Offer a VIP experience

Create a VIP experience for the elite members by offering them access to exclusive perks before they’re available to anyone else. Even a genuine gesture or recognition of their relationship will excite most members. Make them feel appreciated with special events or rewards.  

Add extra benefits

Extending member benefits creates a lot of traction and word of mouth for your travel business. For instance, discount programs are a big hit amongst travelers and make members think twice before buying elsewhere.  

Ask for referrals

A member referral program, if implemented correctly, can be one of the most effective ways to increase revenue for your travel business. Asking for referrals can be tricky. You can start by marketing to the loyal customers and offer them discounts on their next booking in exchange for referrals. Alternatively, you can also survey the members. You can send some surveys across asking for suggestions and referrals.  

Encourage members to leave reviews

Online reviews have a huge impact when it comes to generating more revenue. An independent study suggests that buying decisions are influenced by reviews to an extent that over 90% of consumers make up their mind by consulting reviews. Also, 87% of customers will not transact with a business that has negative reviews. (Source) Therefore, it is best to ask your members to leave a review after every purchase. Publish the review on the website or social media, give them attention and encourage them to do it frequently.  

Establish a personal connection with members  

The likelihood of selling to an existing member is higher than selling to a new one. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to contact those who recently booked to make sure that they had a smooth booking experience. Not only it will add a personal touch, but it will also make them feel special.  

Offer personalized services

If you are selling online, most of your target consumers are likely to be millennials. Set a specific goal with individual existing members and offer them personalized services. Since new customers are getting pitched about a lot of generalized content, you can stand out by offering them personalized micro-content that is relevant to them. Not only you will it make you stand out from the competition, but it will also increase your conversion rate.  

Use rewards to woo your members  

Everyone, including an existing member or a new prospect, wants to get in on rewards or loyalty programs. The customers love getting something in return for their actions and even the mention of it lightens their mood. You can supplement your business by offering them access to a members-only reward program and let them have a taste of royalty. Alternatively, you can validate their buying decision by offering a quick bonus or reward.  

Establish strategic partnerships  

You can partner up with another business for an arrangement that benefits you both. In the context of the travel business, it means partnering up with travel club or local business provider where your members can get access to varied choices at a discounted price.  

When it comes to engagement, your brand will get increased revenue as well as customer retention by adding more value to the customer experience, just by paying more attention to the individual customer.