travel and lifestyle benefits

What are the travel and lifestyle benefits that resonate with retail customers?

Consumers like doing price checks, performing price comparisons, and comparing deals before finally hitting the ‘buy’ button. Thanks to promotional aggregators and daily deals, that process is easier than ever.

Competing on these levers online is making the competition tougher than ever. It is extraordinarily difficult to please today’s retail consumer; that’s why brands these days have opted to compete on the basis of customer’s travel or lifestyle experience. That’s one reason why travel loyalty programs have become important to retail customers. According to a report, 84% of consumers will choose a retailer offering such programs with travel and lifestyle benefits.

These membership rates continue to rise, and therefore it’s about time that retailers capitalize on consumers’ growing interest and create an active retail customer base out of it. There is a range of travel as well as lifestyle benefits that appeal to today’s retail consumer base. Here are a few –

1. Discounts and rewards

“Best price promise” is the tagline that resonates with the retail customers instantly. Especially when it is coupled with a money-back guarantee, it is like icing on the cake. Retail customers love the opportunity to save money on the deals that they are going to purchase anyway.

2. Flexible and single-use solution

The reports suggest that over 34% of customers rely on loyalty programs and find them trustworthy. When retailers offer all the solutions in one app or website, then they won’t go elsewhere.

3. Daily offers

Retail customers love to receive preferential treatment when it comes to getting daily offers delivered in their mailbox. Millennials especially will dig for special offers, and when retailers offer meaningful deals, it demonstrates that they are valued. This trust will only grow along with your business.

4. Price comparison

The typical retail consumer these days likes to do little groundwork before buying anything online. Offering price comparison tools along with a lowest price guarantee simply means that you have found your customer’s sweet spot. They will be willing to spend when they won’t get the lowest price with a host of options in accommodation and airfare to choose from.

5. Airport lounge access

Who doesn’t love free perks? If these come by becoming a member of loyalty program, then this can be a driving force. The frequent travelers love such generous perks especially when it comes complimentary with the membership plan.

6. Visa assistance

Nobody wants to go through the hassle involved in visa processing considering the time it takes. By offering fast visa processing and hassle-free documentation for member special price, you make their want to travel frequently.

7. Luxury travel market

Who doesn’t want to indulge in a little luxe with special discounts? Luxury travelers love to splurge when discounts are applicable on the latest styles. Over 67% of retail customers purchase products from retailer’s website, as per the stats, so pitching in these luxury benefits are easy.

8. Online assistance

Over 55% of retail shoppers feel that retail shopping experiences do not go well across online channels. When it comes to booking a vacation, customers need their doubts to be addressed in real-time. Online assistance when provided 24/7 gives an edge to your travel company over others.

9. Unique, engaging experiences

To form a solid membership base, personalized offers are the best bet. They motivate the retail consumers, offer them the most value and in return benefit your business. Through expertise and innovation, you can offer them worthwhile experiences through travel and lifestyle benefits. Examples of such benefits include – medical assistance in an unfortunate situation, online fitness services, frequent flyer alerts, rental deals, special cruise rates, doctor consultation, multi-language support and roadside assistance.

Today’s retail consumer is used to having information at their fingertips, getting the best price, and having their needs catered to by increasingly efficient online sellers.  To stand out, retailers might consider offering travel and lifestyle benefits – experiences that no amount of technology can replicate, and that no steep discount can compete with.