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Travel Perks Beyond Frequent Flyer Points – Loyalty Program Member Benefits

Travel Perks Beyond Frequent Flyer Points – Loyalty Program Member Benefits

The new age consumer’s attitude towards loyalty programs goes beyond points and miles. That’s largely due to the generational shift and growing clout to millennials who prioritize ‘rewarding experiences’ over frequent flyer points. This shift is backed up by research, finding that 78% of millennials prefer to spend on experiences rather than physical things. (Source)

Savvy and strategic loyalty programs are now looking beyond the points model and usual benefits to delight customers with high-value experiences. Today’s loyalty program benefits are more aligned to millennials’ attitude and strive to maximize loyalty. Here is how a loyalty program can employ useful strategies to create more meaningful experiences than ever, and maximize brand value for its customers –

  • Use Loyalty Data for Personalized Offers

Millennials are willing to share their personal information in exchange for personalized interaction with the brand. They are open to having their travel habits data collected for a more personalized experience. Brands can harness loyalty insights to offer customized rewards with an inventory to let customers choose from a selection of products curated for them. This helps in retaining loyal customers and generating lifelong revenue while cultivating invaluable word-of-mouth fellowship.

  • Create a Holistic Brand Experience

Creating a holistic brand experience requires a deep understanding of your customers. Loyalty can be used to forge a long-term connection with the customers and anticipate future experiences. The surest way to achieve that is by offering one-of-a-kind experiences. Aside from flight tickets, you can offer complimentary flight amenities such as extra baggage, in-flight meals/ drinks, free upgrades to business or first class, complimentary lounge access, and more.

  • Trade Points for Experiences

A loyalty program that allows customers to exchange earned points for experiences such as concert tickets, sporting events, cultural experiences, festivals, etc. is preferred by millennial travelers over others. Forward-thinking companies are taking their loyalty to the next level by marketing desirable experiences that their customer wants to use. Apart from these benefits, loyalty programs allow customers to trade points for subscriptions, luxury merchandise, technology, and more. 

  • Show Them That You Care

It is human nature to stick to a company that cares for you consistently. Consistency is what drives loyalty. A loyalty program can cultivate true customer loyalty by making sure that each engagement creates value for customers, whether it is in person or in-app. Customers might forget about a transactional discount but will always remember their experiences. Therefore, customers will reward the brands that take the time to demonstrate that they truly value their preferences. Data facilitates personalization and can be used to design loyalty program benefits that resonate with your customers. Loyalty experience can also be enhanced by offering quick resolution to soothe pain points, 24/7 support, and creating an experience that lasts far longer in the customer’s mind.