Travel portal integration with API

How is Travel Portal API XML Integration Beneficial?

In order to have a prominent online presence, every travel portal needs to develop an interactive API (Application Program Interface). If you also like to have an interactive API, then you should consider taking some extra measures. After all, this would be used by your customers to access your services and interact with you on a daily basis.

These days, most of the travel portals integrate an XML based API. It stands for Extensible Markup Language and encodes a document which can be read by both, machines as well as humans. Based on free open standards, it is used to write and send information across different computers. After having API XML integration with your travel platform, you can easily manage your portal. It can provide the following benefits to your travel portal:

Cross-platform support

Since XML doesn’t depend on a single platform, it can be accessed by users on different devices and systems in a seamless way. It can also fetch information from your back-end database, even if it has a different structure.

Consider the XML integration as a translator that supports tons of programming languages and formats. Needless to say, it can readily be used to create travel portals to compare hotel prices, rent a car, book tickets, etc. pretty easily.

Full customization

As you already know, XML is compatible with several platforms. Thus, it allows an online travel portal to customize its API in no time. For instance, you choose the payment gateway of your choice or include any distribution channel.

It has been observed that 38% of people won’t engage with a web portal if its content (or layout) is not attractive (source). Therefore, by customizing your travel platform, you can also work on its overall look and feel.

Cost and time saving

Developing an XML based API doesn’t require a lot of time or money. Since it is a freely-available open standard, you can use it readily. Also, it is easy to integrate an XML API with your travel port.

Third-party integration

It also supports an effortless integration of any third-party tool. This can be used to integrate a GPS API, car rental API, flight tracking API, tours API, bus API, and more. Unlike other platforms, it can be used to integrate various APIs under one roof, saving your time and resources.

Added security

It is considered as one of the safest ways to develop an API for online travel websites. You can easily market your travel portals and run attractive offers to attain more leads. Since you would have a complete access to the main database, your audience won’t be able to know vital information about the actual provider. Furthermore, the inventory is also maintained at the owner’s end, letting them keep their data secure and protected.

Other benefits

Besides the above-stated advantages, the integration of an XML based API with your travel portal comes with lots of other benefits as well. For instance, it can provide an immediate ROI, letting you gain fruitful results. With easy markup controls, you can manage a centralized inventory system as well.  By using your own XML API, you won’t have to depend on other channels and can perform a real-time tracking of your platform.

All of this makes XML API the kind of solution that should be integrated with every kind of online travel portals.

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