Vacation Rentals for Travel Clubs

How Travel Clubs Will Be The Solution That Vacation Rentals are Looking For

What exactly is the reason for this sector’s boom in such a short span? Well, there are a number of reasons but the major one is its unique charm to the typical traveler. Vacation rentals are exceptionally different than the regular hotel establishments. Millennials tend not to differentiate between a hotel or an upscale home, as all that matters to them is the experience. Vacation rentals are offering them the best of both worlds with home-like feel in a new location. The fact that online vacation rental bookings have doubled from 12% in 2007 to 24% in 2012 confirms its growing demand. Also, some sources report that US travelers accounted for $23 billion in vacation rentals in 2012.

The market’s growth clearly shows no sign of slowing, which brings us to the question – what resource can vacation rentals leverage to tap into the right market? If you think online listings will be sufficient, then you might need to think again. The market is highly competitive at the moment with small players getting bigger and bigger players looking to buy in. Given the industry’s fragmented state, it makes sense that the property managers owning vacation rentals work with channels that help retain their exclusivity and at the same time offer them the best trade tools. Travel clubs can provide them with the cutting-edge technology and marketing plan for a solid start.

According to the stats, most vacation rental guests, nearly 3 in 4, search and book for a vacation rental online, with over 15% of them booking via their mobile or tablet. Travel clubs can provide them with the best API to market themselves online and offer enhanced services to their guests. The appeal of vacation rentals is high amongst families or groups; travel clubs can offer 24X7 customer support to answer customer queries and help groups  book swiftly. Also, luxury travelers are increasingly seeking vacation rentals, and they expect a real level of service in return. With the help of travel clubs, vacation rentals can operate at the luxury end of the market, offering the tailor-made services and customization for customers.

Travel clubs can add lifestyle offerings to the vacation rentals’ guests, transforming their position into more of a luxury travel club. Vacation rentals can combine travel and lifestyle perks to redefine customer experience. For instance, vacation rental operators can cater to different audiences by offering add-ons and perks such as easy access to parking, booking activities for adventure junkies, transport options for cycling enthusiasts, additional arrangements for pet lovers, etc. The travelers that book vacation rentals are definitely looking for an experience that differs from that of a traditional hotel. They are willing to spend if a variety of options are laid out. Travel clubs empower vacation rentals with a plethora of enhanced offerings for their consumers, enticing them to come back again and again. And a returning customer adds value to the company and growth more effectively than a new one.

Travel clubs can help vacation rentals through curation and management, two most important aspects in making a vacation rental operation a success. With a host of lifestyle offerings such as member-only discounts on luxury shopping, dining and entertainment, vacation rentals can market themselves as luxury retreats for their elite members. For “bizcation” guests, vacation rentals are even more appealing if they offer personalized services at reduced expenses. A concierge service for all their needs might be a value-added service, but that’s what group travelers will love about your vacation rental.

It’s clear that a travel club can help your vacation rental stand out with exceptional services and your guests, in turn, can enjoy the best of both worlds. It is about time that the vacation rental industry matures, and travel clubs will be the definitive answer you seek for growing your company’s first profits.

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