Here’s What Travelers Want Out Of A Travel Club

As the technology evolves and connections widen, even the most forward-thinking travel clubs need to understand the way different travelers view and use rewards.

These insights can help your travel club stand apart and transform the episodic customers into dedicated loyalty program members in the long run. While predicting customer expectations is not as easy as it sounds in this increasingly complex marketplace, one can start with simply calibrating rewards based on the biggest trends driving the new-age travel.

As customer expectations evolve, they expect nothing less than a personalized travel experience.  Here are some top findings of what customers are looking from a travel club –

  • Millennials value authentic and exclusive experiences that help establish individuality. About 36% of travelers are willing to pay a higher price for ‘personalized’ travel experiences.  (Source)


  • Millennials also want to work towards daily discounts as well. About 79% said that they are more likely to choose a loyalty club that offers them this option. (Source) Consider your travel club provider and the range of benefits they offer.
  • Apart from personalized experiences, new-age travelers expect flexibility and variety. They are not hesitant to commit to a travel club for the long-term if they provide packages beyond packaged travel. About 57% of consumers believe that travel marketers should customize their user experience based on their persona and preferences. (Source) A white-label travel platform can provide benefits organized around your target audience.
  • Ease-of-use and familiarity drive loyalty for many consumers who do not just hinge on deals. According to a report, nearly 83% of consumers expect brands to show recommendations and relevant content based on their shopping preferences. About 25% of customers like to be reminded about using discounts, products, and services that create urgency and achieve faster conversions. (Source) Having engaging marketing of your products like an Engagement Service will keep your brand front of mind in your users and keep them engaged with your platform and their benefits.


  • Travelers expect total curation or customization of their trip along with VIP services that work around their schedules. They expect personal visa assistance, VIP airport lounge access, immediate medical services, 24X7 customer assistance, and so on for frictionless travel experiences.

A world-class travel club encompasses the best features and reward options that align with their customer interest. Additionally, travel clubs can leverage AI technology to improve personalization, tailor recommendations, ensure fast response time, and seamless conversions. The insights from unique customer journeys can help transform travel marketing from a static world to the new age where the individual customer is recognized for their unique persona with more targeted travel experiences. 

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