Why travel clubs appeal to solo travelers?

Getting around the globe was once more demanding and directionally challenging. Thanks to the ever-growing technological advancements and power within the palm of our hands, an ever-increasing number of individuals are setting off on an adventure alone. Everyone is checking solo travel off their bucket list, from millennials to baby boomers and senior travelers. Solo travel is rising upwards since 2016 and has become a fully-grown niche market. According to a report, the term ‘solo travel’ got 55% higher search hits in 2018 than the previous year. There has been over 131% increment in the number of Google searches for ‘solo travel’ between 2016 and 2019. The female solo travel phenomenon is snowballing, and American women rank first in traveling solo with three trips or more each year.

It is not just millennials leading the solo vacation trend; the baby boomers made up a massive 40% of solo travel last year. But it’s the women travelers leading the way to travel solo with 84% of total travel bookings. With solo travelers currently making up 11% of the overall travel market, travel marketers recognize the shift and curate relevant offers to woo solo travelers.

Travel clubs can take advantage of this trend by providing curated itineraries and women-only tours specifically for these lone travelers. The research stats also show that a vast majority of these bookings are done by women and usually during the off-season – May, October, and November. Those traveling alone like to budget their travel since they bear all the expenses on food, accommodation, flight, insurance, and required vaccinations. Additionally, they need reliable guidance and expertise to make the most of their journey. The travel benefits program of loyalty clubs appeals to them in the absence of any single supplements on their trip. These unaccompanied customers confide in the travel club to make all necessary arrangements to focus on the overall travel experience.

Let us discuss how and why solo travelers would prefer joining a travel club to create a comfortable and memorable travel experience –

Maximized value for the trip

Travel consumers often lack inherent love for subscriptions unless they come with inherent benefits. On the other hand, Solo travelers are willing to subscribe to the travel club membership more than others so that the automated purchases yield some tangible benefits such as tailored itinerary, personalized services, great end-to-end experience, and interactive experience.

Reduced expenses

Instead of booking independently or negotiating with the accommodation provider for the best possible single occupancy rates, solo travelers can utilize travel club membership to make relevant bookings of hotels or resorts which do not attract supplements and are ideal for single travelers. This also means getting reasonable deals in budget without spending on double occupancy rooms. Additionally, travel club membership lets them find decent deals on flights, car rentals, and local sightseeing tours aimed at solo travelers.

Specialize in Personalization

Different Travel Solutions services. These curation services are, by far, the most popular in the travel industry, suggesting a striking desire for tailored experiences. Women consumers account for a vast majority of these subscription services as an increasingly convenient way to buy services online. Travel clubs can capitalize on the female solo traveler trend with personalized consumer goods, services, and trip experiences. Millennials and Gen Zs have a penchant for personalized assistance, with Gen Z taking a more targeted approach towards a customized travel deal.

Why travel clubs appeal to solo travelers

Why travel clubs appeal to solo travelers

Gain exclusive access without the need of middleman

Travel clubs offer a direct line to members to make communication much more manageable. Unlike tour operators, travel clubs provide various member benefits to their members like 24X7 access to their concierge services, personal account information, doctor on call, visa assistance, priority check-ins, and more. These benefits are available exclusively to the members in addition to lower booking costs and other amenities.

Save time and money

Solo travelers can be divided into two categories solo by choice and solo by circumstance. With so much interest in solo travel, travelers have a natural inclination to connect with fellow solo travelers and look for ways to save money. Travel clubs can help arrange a group tour that is more personalized than a standard one and aimed solely at single travelers. These escorted local tours will help connect solo travelers and concierge services, automatic check-ins, help overcome language barriers, ensure safety, and offer personal tours to enhance the travel experience. Travel clubs are the answers for consumers who want something new, innovative, and well-curated experience during a given time frame motivated by financial incentives.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Travelling SOLO.

1. No Drama

Travel may be a very personal thing, and what anybody likes to try to when traveling will be different from another. Unless you and your travel buddy match up perfectly in what you wish to try to while traveling, it is very likely it could lead to you rupture at some point in your trip. Albeit you already spend tons of your time together reception and think your interests match up reasonably well, nothing can prepare you for what it’ll be like traveling together. Once you travel together, you’ll be around one another 24/7. You’ll be sharing rooms, sleeping next to every other on overnight bus rides, trekking up mountains together, and dealing out the way to find your accommodation when both sleep-deprived and grumpy. Those conditions can cause a strain on even the closest of relationships.

2. Build Confidence Around Others

If you’re naturally a shrinking violet, the thought of solo travel is often terrifying but being shy is even more of a reason to travel solo. Travel is one of the most straightforward environments to figure out the personality traits you might wish to change. If shyness has held you back before, traveling alone is going to be great for you. Almost anywhere you go when traveling, there’ll be a minimum of other solo travelers around, which suggests you’re in an environment where everyone will naturally be more receptive to any conversations you begin.
Plus, since you’re traveling and thus unlikely to ascertain the people you meet again unless you would like to, the stakes are low. If you introduce yourself to someone and make a fool of yourself, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like they’re getting to tell the entirety of your office back home. Solo travel is often used to push yourself and build up confidence in talking-to others by making yourself vulnerable daily. You don’t have anything to lose.

3. Personal Growth and Setting Your Own Schedule

One advantage of solo travel is that it forces you to become independent, make decisions, and exit your daily routine —something you’d not necessarily do if you weren’t traveling alone.
When you travel solo, you have nobody to believe but yourself, which pushes you to function within the planet. It’s sink-or-swim time! If something goes wrong, it’s up to you to figure out the plan of getting out of things.
Another great benefit to solo travel isn’t having to compromise on your travels. You’ll awaken whenever you’d like, eat whatever you’d like, decide to have a lazy day, or like better to continue a 12-hour hike. When you’re traveling solo, you will be selfish, alter your mind every few days, and not consult anybody else.

4. You’ll Make More Friends

Most people don’t particularly enjoy having to place themselves out there and ask strangers to become new friends. Meaning that if we don’t need to try to, we’d prefer to make our lives easier and not even bother. That’s precisely what happens to most people when traveling with another person. The necessity to satisfy others isn’t there, so; they don’t worry. You have already got your friend with you to sightsee or attend that bar with, so unless someone happens to strike up a conversation with you, you don’t even attempt. And it’s such a shame. Just consider all the incredible people you would possibly have met but didn’t because you stayed in your lane.