Why Your Travel Business Should Go Mobile

The travel industry has grown emphatically over the last decade and continues to do so at lightning speed, thanks in part to the growth of a mobile-friendly business. The numbers currently stand at $1.1 trillion in 2018 contributed to the gross domestic product in the US economy alone. (Source) This tectonic shift is one result of companies prioritizing mobile as the primary sales channel.

Effects Of Phones In The Travel Industry

Mobile technology has played a key role in face-lifting the entire travel sector, starting from the planning to booking a trip. About 85% of people use smartphones to book their trip. (Source) If you want to stay afloat in business, here is a pro-tip – Go Mobile!

Source https://rubygarage.org/blog/why-travel-business-needs-a-mobile-app

Boost Your Business With These Mobile Solutions

  • Simplify Transactions

Mobile phones can reduce the process of paperwork thereby reducing the formalities associated with travel bookings. Smartphones are convenient to store digital copies of customer data including passport, visa documents, flight booking, and hotel booking details. Mobile booking apps put the power in your customers’ hands and simplify the booking process further so that customers can book from anywhere 24X7 using the internet.

  • Real-Time Marketing Tool

Mobile has become one of the most dominant tools of real-time marketing to enhance your business visibility as well as productivity. You can stay connected to your customers, advertise on social media to target new ones and interact with them. You can offer great deals to users who download the app and make their first booking through it. Make sure your site is optimized to be mobile-friendly so that members and viewers have a positive user experience. This is key in driving traffic to your site on mobile and having them stick around and potentially convert to being a customer.

  • One-Stop Solution

Customers prefer a mobile app with entire bookings under one roof as compared to elaborate web pages. A mobile business app with the assortment of basic features such as instant booking, check availability, saved payment information and one-click checkout will help simplify the booking process and save time.

  • Efficient Engagement

Mobile technology can help retain customers and acquire new ones using re-engagement strategies tailored to keep up their interests. You can carry marketing campaigns through email, instant push notifications, and social media ads to broaden your brand’s reach. Studies show that push notifications can increase customer engagement by 88%. (Source)

  • Revenue Growth

People may forget to carry a map or ticket but never their smartphones. Many travelers prefer to use their smartphone for last-minute booking of travel arrangements. Even the last-minute research of a destination including reviews, images, videos, etc. is done using mobile. So, it is important to offer optimal experience with a mobile app that instinctively appeals to your customers. Referrals are also important revenue generators. Make sure to promote last-minute discounts and offers along with personalized offers that resonate with your clientele. 

Did You Know?

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