A Better Way to Increase Engagement & Retain Distributors

A Q&A with Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman – as seen in Direct Selling News October 2019 issue

What was the goal behind introducing the hotel rewards program?

A client came to us looking for ways to increase their distributor/customer engagement without having to spend a lot of money on another expensive program. We were able to provide a cost-effective hotel rewards program that allowed them to distribute hotel rewards to their distributors/customers through a fully branded hotel booking platform. The hotel rewards can be used at 100’s of thousands of hotels around the world, all bookable through the booking engine. The great news is that the rewards literally cost our clients just a few pennies on the dollar. This allows them to offer an equal number of hotel rewards as what the distributor /customer is paying in autoship, for just a fraction of what they collected.

So how did the program impact engagement?

Our client saw an incredible 5x the amount of member engagement month-over-month from program introduction. Their distributors/ customers recognized they were able to earn these hotel rewards automatically and were able to apply them to a huge inventory of hotels around the world. The increased distributor engagement was immediate as well, and the client saw new distributor sign-ups jump 6x month-over-month. Needless-to-say, the impact was impressive.

How does this compare with other online travel rewards programs?

There are three ways that this program really delivers. Its reward structure is completely customizable to the client’s brand, cost-effective, and quick to market. We know that if a company needs to improve engagement, they will be looking for an immediate, unique solution that makes financial sense. This program integrates the client’s branding, with a unique reward earning structure into a booking engine that provides true savings right away, so they can increase engagement immediately. The icing on the cake is that our clients earns on the hotel sales as well.

Sound too good to be true? Call us and we will show you how this product and our other award-nominated solutions build loyalty and generate revenue.

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