Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert

Let us find that Frequent Flyer flight and seat for you!

Get the Most from Frequent Flyer Programs


We can help your members reap the optimum rewards from their frequent flyer programs. Our team of travel professionals will assist them in choosing different flight options that will enable them to use their frequent flyer program rewards or mileage awards, mileage upgrade awards, etc. In addition, our flight services, from seat selection options to flight status details, make your members flying experience more accessible than ever before.

Seat & Flight Alerts Will Change the Way Your Members Fly

We provide your members with the best information so they can buy their tickets exactly when and where they want them. With our new Seat Alerts feature, your members will be notified when the exact seat they want becomes available!

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Book the seats they want

Does your club member only like to sit in aisle seats? Do they want to sit in lucky seat number 13 on their flight? Maybe they're a Frequent Flyer just looking to upgrade their seat? But don't know whom they should approach in the ever-increasing complexity of air travel? Well, they don't have to look any further! Our Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert benefit is there to help guide your members every step of the way.

It really is that easy.

Do they want a window seat with a view? An aisle seat for convenience? With The Seat Alert and Frequent Flyer Flight Alerts, your members can set up an alert at any time requesting a variety of different seat options. When their alert arrives, they can contact the airline to change their seat assignment or switch to their chosen seat. It's only available through the Seat Alert & Frequent Flyer Flight Alert!

Seat Alert : We will notify

Your members will need to inform us about their flight details and their preferred seat, and we will take care of the rest. If their chair is readily available, fabulous; if it's not available, no problem! We will help them fill out a short seat alert form, and we will notify them when the seat is open or book the seat for them. Yes! It's that easy.

For Frequent Flyer Flight Alert


If you have members that are frequent flyers and looking for any of the following bookings, we are there to help them:

  • Reward Booking: 
  1. They want to book the flight with their accumulated miles (taxes extra).
  • Upgrade Booking:
  1. They have purchased the flight ticket and want to upgrade with accumulated miles
  2. They have booked the flight with accumulated miles and want to upgrade with the remaining miles

Your members can just inform us about their preferred flight. If the Frequent Flyer seat is readily available, we can book the seat for them if they wish us to do so. If it's not available, we will assist them in filling out a simple flight alert form, and we will notify them when the seat is open or book the seat for them.

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