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Travel club for the millennial traveler
Travel Clubs for the Millennial Traveler : Join our Webinar with Travel Massive on 10/3

Custom Travel Solutions is partnering with Travel Massive, the world’s biggest tourism industry community, for a webinar on the topic of “Packaged Trips for the Millennial Traveler.” Are you interested in increasing revenue and loyalty for your travel brand? Click the link below and register to attend the webinar – if travel is your business, you won’t be disappointed.

Financial Services and Travel Clubs
Strengthening Travel Offerings for Financial Services

The importance of financial services to the travel industry cannot be overstated. Commercial and co-brand credit cards have helped both the travel suppliers (airlines, hotels), card companies (Visa, Amex), and issuing banks segment their common customers and understand consumer spending habits.

Travel Clubs and Loyalty Programs
Enhancing Retail Loyalty with Travel Clubs-as-a-Service

Have you ever asked yourself: What is a loyalty program? It seems like a simple question – after all, we all probably belong to at least one loyalty program, whether it takes the form of a frequent flyer program, co-brand credit card, member club or travel club (this last one, travel clubs, happen to be our specialty and you can learn more here).

Retailer Loyalty Programs
Retailer Loyalty Programs and 360-Degree Travel Experiences

Brand relationships follow a simple law: the more you give, the more you get. That’s why consumers love loyalty programs – they get brand value beyond the price of the transaction, every time they spend. But many brands have been “giving” loyalty rewards and not seeing a return on investment. So what gives?

Custom Travel Solutions for Airlines
How Airlines Can Strengthen Loyalty & Ancillary Revenue for FFPs through a Travel Club

What led the airline industry to introduce the original “frequent flyer program” (FFP) concept? Remember, this was long before retailers popularized the “loyalty program” concept.