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Departure Travel Club
A Mid Year Message From Custom Travel Solutions

2020 has thrown many obstacles into business plans and brand identities around the world. The unprecedented consequences of COVID-19 have left brands scrambling for ways to boost revenue, diversify their offerings, and find creative ways to keep their business moving forward. As a part of the travel industry, we braced for impact at the beginning of the year and walked into the unknown like so many others. We are now halfway through the year and are reflecting on some surprising revelations we have realized recently. We had no idea what to expect when travel shut down, and yet we find ourselves starting the second half of the year with a load of brands ready to take advantage of travel demand and trust our products to do so. How has this happened? As a provider of travel clubs and benefits, we are in a unique position to help brands diversify, boost, and evolve their businesses to meet demands and be flexible in how they do so, even if they are not a traditionally travel-focused brand. We’ve boiled down our revelations into three main areas: A Desire for Assurance & Loyalty: members of our clients know the security they have with their…

Why Now Is A Great Time To Be A Travel Club Member

In the wake of closings, cancellations, and vast uncertainty due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we believe it’s a better time than ever to be a travel club member and reap the benefits that come with memberships regarding information and communication. Trust Through Assurance After extensive market research, we came to know that one of the four pillars of confidence that members are seeking in a travel club is assurance. Due to the current mass of information through media, response teams, and local officials, it is vitally important that the correct updates are communicated to travelers. Understanding protocols helps businesses, and communities as a whole to ensure there is less panic. One way that we at Custom Travel Solutions provide assurance to our clients’ members is through our 24/7 Member Support Specialists. This benefit allows our client’s members to call in and get updates on their cruises, flights, travel updates, and more so that they can best prepare for upcoming trips. As well as how travel brands are responding to the virus spread. Our agents are more than order-takers, they are advocates for the members, reaching out to suppliers on their behalf.  As it relates to the current pandemic, our member support…

Lux Life Names CTS ‘Best B2B Travel Benefit Solutions Provider 2020’

Custom Travel Solutions is proud to announce that we have been recognized by Lux Life Magazine as ‘Best B2B Travel Benefit Solutions Provider 2020’ in their annual LUX Travel & Tourism Awards. LUXlife launched the Travel & Tourism Awards to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to offering the finest experiences, products, and services in the industry. Steve Simpson, Awards Coordinator, comments: “Travel and Tourism encompasses a vast array of different businesses. Whether working in the hospitality, entertainment, or food and beverage sectors (and everything in between), companies of all shapes and sizes contribute to creating exquisite memories for people all over the world. Congratulations to all of my winners and I hope you have a delightful 2020 ahead.” Custom Travel Solutions is proud to be recognized for our efforts to bring brands around the world the ability to find new revenue, customer loyalty, engagement, and retention tools through travel benefits and booking platforms. We use this honor to push forward and strive to earn more rewards for the work we do. We have a commitment to delivering a product that works for each individual client uniquely to build a new angle to their brand and build their brand recognition regardless of industry…

Upgrade Brings Multilingual Content To Search Ability

At Custom Travel Solutions, we are always looking to improve our products so our clients can better serve their members and users. Thus, we are excited to announce a new multilingual search ability in our hotel engines, meaning our platforms can more easily communicate with members around the world and offer more information in the native languages of members as required. This new update will revolve around property-level content, meaning hotel descriptions, listings, amenities, etc and allow non-English speakers to dive deeper into their trip planning without having to worry about not understanding the results they are seeing. The overall goal of this upgrade is to better serve members and ensure we are able to provide world-class customer service to our client’s members. We aim to back our clients with a solid system of support including multicurrency, multilanguage web content, and a high-touch customer service team. This new upgrade with our property content is just the next step in our ongoing to mission to serve a custom experience wherever we are needed. If you would like to see a demo of our products or request more information, email Alex Albrecht at aalbrecht@customtravelsolutions.com today!

A Better Way to Increase Engagement & Retain Distributors

A Q&A with Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman – as seen in Direct Selling News October 2019 issue What was the goal behind introducing the hotel rewards program? A client came to us looking for ways to increase their distributor/customer engagement without having to spend a lot of money on another expensive program. We were able to provide a cost-effective hotel rewards program that allowed them to distribute hotel rewards to their distributors/customers through a fully branded hotel booking platform. The hotel rewards can be used at 100’s of thousands of hotels around the world, all bookable through the booking engine. The great news is that the rewards literally cost our clients just a few pennies on the dollar. This allows them to offer an equal number of hotel rewards as what the distributor /customer is paying in autoship, for just a fraction of what they collected. So how did the program impact engagement? Our client saw an incredible 5x the amount of member engagement month-over-month from program introduction. Their distributors/ customers recognized they were able to earn these hotel rewards automatically and were able to apply them to a huge inventory of hotels around the world. The increased…

Travel Clubs and Loyalty Programs
Retail Touchpoints Blog Published Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman’s Article

Our CEO Mike Putman recently wrote an article for Retail Touchpoints Blog, an online publishing network that delivers cutting edge content to retail executives designed to improve the customer experience in the new world of cross-channel retailing. The article discusses the importance of travel clubs for retail, financial services and other non-travel verticals.

Join the Club: Travel and Lifestyle Benefits for Non-Travel Customers Members
Loyalty 360 Published Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman’s Article

Our CEO Mike Putman recently wrote an article called ‘Join the Club: Travel and Lifestyle Benefits for Non-Travel Customers Members’, for Loyalty360, the loyalty management magazine. The article sheds light on the benefits of offering travel and lifestyle benefits for non-travel member groups. 

Travel and Lifestyle Clubs for Credit Unions
Credit Union Features Custom Travel Solutions CEO Mike Putman’s Article

Our CEO Mike Putman was recently featured in an article for CU Business, a leading resource for credit unions. The article discusses why credit unions will need to differentiate their value proposition in the eyes of existing and potential members, and how a branded travel club can help them do that – while adding revenue, strengthening loyalty and converting brand affinity into brand equity.