Online Travel Agencies

Travel Providers & Online Travel Agencies

Travel Providers & Online Travel Agencies

We provide the following solutions & services to Travel Providers & Online Travel Agencies:


Travel API/ White – Label Travel

  • Inspirational search features - combine our Travel APIs with your existing travel offering to complement your product range.
  • Fully customizable Flight, Hotel, Car, Cruise and Activities APIs, offering flexibility to seamlessly integrate into your existing brand.
  • Easy to set up, fully hosted and fully customisable to your brand, matching all colours, logos and requirements.
  • Full compliance with worldwide regulations including all mandatory taxes and surcharges.
  • Mobile friendly interface with proven conversion rates - continually optimised through extensive in-house user testing.
  • Dedicated online portal to manage your revenue and commissions.


We can provide you consulting & expertise in any of these areas:  multi-disciplined consulting, branding/strategic marketing, executive recruiting, partnerships/alliances, conversion improvement, call center design, BPO & IT off-shoring, web optimization, tracking programs, distribution strategy, mergers/ acquisitions, supplier negotiations and investor validation.

We will help you with travel market research, making it possible for you to achieve all your business goals, and build an excellent reputable brand. We also make it feasible for you to audit your accounts and eliminate unnecessary costs in your business operations. We help you plan and implement effective cost control measures and the most appropriate strategies for growth and expansion in your field of travel and tourism.


Our travel benefits program is a built-in revenue model with easy to implement custom savings website for your local and global clients. You can integrate our benefits program into your travel inventory and make the most of your marketing efforts. Our discount deals and reward programs can be used as a potential retention tool to generate more revenue. There is a plethora of benefits that will help your online travel business prosper by leaps and bounds. Here are the key advantages of our travel benefits programs –

cruise api
  • The rewards and discounts under travel benefits program can be used as welcome rewards to increase customer engagement.
  • Your customers will get unlimited access to a huge selection of exclusive deals on airfare, accommodation, cruises, rental cars, activities and more. They will also get unbeatable prices along with additional benefits such as baggage rebate up to $10 per quarter, airport lounge access to over 900 airports worldwide, complimentary flight insurance, 35-70% discount on hotel rates, member-only cruise rates and more.
  • Your customers will also get access to unparalleled deals across 500-world class brands with up to 50% off at local stores offering over 480,000 savings opportunities.
  • As part of our travel benefits program, we will also provide you unparalleled marketing support and customer retention email campaigns which will, in turn, boost your customer retention and revenue. You can quickly create a customized travel benefits program to convert today’s walk-away into tomorrow’s buyers.