Travelers Rest, SC, USA – March 18th, 2019— Custom Travel Solutions further expands customer engagement by enabling their customers to pay using advanced cryptocurrencies as well as traditional payment methods. Moving forward, members will have the ability to pay using any combination of actual currency, major cryptocurrencies, and/or using CTS’ proprietary rewards-driven virtual currencies.

The demand for cryptocurrency in this space has been heard, as it offers unique and compelling advantages to those who already harness the use that this universal language of currency provides. Safe and secure, cryptocurrency comes with a certain level of security and self-sufficiency that other forms of currency may not.

Striving to be at the forefront of progressive travel, Custom Travel Solutions understand the impact cryptocurrency will have on the travel industry, and will continue to ensure their customers, and their clients, enjoy a state-of-the-art experience. Bitcoin, Bitcoin lightning, Coinbase, Litecoin, Monero, Etherum, Dogecoin, and Decred are among the cryptocurrencies that will be accepted by Custom Travel Solutions through this new development.

Custom Travel Solutions is the world’s leading provider of elite membership-based travel and lifestyle benefits.

About Custom Travel Solutions

Custom Travel Solutions harnesses the convenience, excitement and value of elite members-only travel benefits to drive loyalty and revenue for companies and organizations across the globe.  By leveraging decades of industry experience and deep relationships throughout the travel ecosystem, Custom Travel Solutions creates a vast network of high-value travel and lifestyle perks at exclusive membership prices.  These products and services are delivered through an integrated, customizable platform that offers a branded end-user experience and high-touch customer service while fully automating all membership management and travel fulfillment functionality.  With Custom Travel Solutions, companies can easily offer their customers access to a trove of benefits otherwise prohibitive to the individual traveler, creating value and brand loyalty that promote recurring engagement and revenue growth.