Travelers Rest, SC, USA – October 31st, 2019 – Custom Travel Solutions is proud to announce the launch of a new hotel rewards referral program, TrackBack Travel Rewards. This new program is designed to allow users of a service to share simple links with non-members that allow temporary access to the companies travel benefits through  a unique code.

The non-member is given access to the same member travel savings for a temporary timeframe, chosen by the referring member, and is able to book hotels around the world at significant savings. The major win for both company and referring member through this program, is that through a revenue share program, the company and referring member earn on the non-member booking based on the wholesale hotel rate.

Custom Travel Solutions is excited to help companies with a unique referral and loyalty program that allows them to cost-effectively distribute samples of their club features to non-members that can test out the benefits without major commitments. This program also incentivizes engagement through the earning power the non-member receives.

For more information or a demo, please reach out to Alex Albrecht at or by phone at 803-528-3094.

About Custom Travel Solutions
Custom Travel Solutions harnesses the convenience, excitement, and value of elite members-only travel benefits to drive loyalty and revenue for companies and organizations across the globe. By leveraging decades of industry experience and deep relationships throughout the travel ecosystem, Custom Travel Solutions creates a vast network of high-value travel and lifestyle perks at exclusive membership prices. These products and services are delivered through an integrated, customizable platform that offers a branded end-user experience and high-touch customer service while fully automating all membership management and travel fulfillment functionality. With Custom Travel Solutions, companies can easily offer their customers access to a trove of benefits otherwise prohibitive to the individual traveler, creating value and brand loyalty that promote recurring engagement and revenue growth.