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Provide your members with affordable and reliable international legal assistance through our worldwide network of destination country lawyers, giving your members immediate access to legal help in urgent times of need while traveling.

The Worldwide Legal Assistance member benefit allows individual travelers or groups to receive legal assistance during their international trips. The available service generally includes advice and consultation for immigration issues, visa problems, quarantine issues, traffic infractions, minor violations, criminal incidents, and initial representation in litigation.

What is International Travel Legal Assistance?

International Assistance

Custom travel Solutions Worldwide Legal Assistance benefit makes life simple and affordable for travelers, groups, tour operators, and companies. We know that your members would never need legal assistance in a perfect world while traveling, but we all know that traveling internationally can become complicated and unpredictable sometimes. 

knowledgeable legal assistance

This service provides your members with affordable and reliable legal help through our worldwide network of lawyers while traveling internationally. Experienced international travelers know all too well that legal issues may arise during a trip abroad and the disruption those issues can cause without immediate, knowledgeable legal assistance.

Helps in Paperwork Process

Our legal assistance provides help to your members when the paperwork has to be processed or if they must resolve a dispute while traveling in a foreign country. Thanks to the legal expertise of our skilled local lawyers, such issues are handled quickly and effectively.

Knowledge is Power

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Keeping your members well informed about their travel destination is essential. It can keep them out of trouble, help them avoid stress, and save them money while traveling in a foreign country.

With the Worldwide Legal Support benefit, your members can browse through various topics to read up on the customs and culture of your destination country. They can even go deeper into more specific issues such as visas, traveling about, driving, drinking, smoking, insurance, banking, real estate, and much more! Our in-country local law firms have provided the answers to your questions. This way, they know they are getting reliable information.

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